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Soothing Sounds and Night Light Pyramid


Simple to operate touch control

Choice of light, sound or both

Optional 30 minute timer

Great to help mask the effects of tinnitus.

Soothing Sounds and Night Light Pyramid

Product Code: MK3739

Relieve stress and combat the effects of tinnitus with the five built in relaxing sounds and continual colour changing night light of this pyramid.

Choice of brook, summer night, sea, bird song and dawn sounds.

Our pyramid gently transitions through a spectrum of colours to soothe restlessness and help with insomnia.

In 2017, a study at the University of Sussex showed that playing natural sounds can affect the bodily system that controls the flight-or-fright response, encouraging relaxation and reducing the physiological reaction to stress.

Tinnitus is a ringing or other noise in the ears that is not caused by external sounds. It is a common problem affecting 15% to 20% of people, particularly older adults, and can impact sleep and concentration.

Playing white noise or nature sounds can help to mask the effects of tinnitus, giving a welcome break from the condition.

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