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Floating Bath Thermometer


Clear, easy to see LCD display

Red warning light for hot water

Hot and cold water indicators

Rechecks the temperature every 5 seconds.

Floating Bath Thermometer

Product Code: MK3673

Water temperature is not the first thing that comes to mind when we think about risks in the home. Yet having water too hot or too cold can pose a serious health risk, particularly for those with impaired senses or limited mobility. When taking a bath an individual may not realise the water is too hot or too cold, or may not be able to leave the bathtub quickly enough.

Hot water can cause blood vessel to raise to the surface of the skin and dilate. The body will try to compensate by increasing blood flow which, over an extended period, can cause cardiac strain. In the case of cold water, the blood vessels can constrict, reducing blood flow to the skin, internal organs and heart. Besides cardiac strain this also risks hypothermia.

It is recommended that bath temperature should be only a few degrees higher than normal body temperature. Temperature is perceived and, often, relative to the environment. In this way, if the bathroom is too cold, the bath will always seem cool to the bather, if the room is too hot, the bather may feel the water is warmer than it is. It is also, therefore, recommended to ensure the bathroom is a comfortable temperature before assessing the water temperature.

Simply give the thermometer a shake and throw it into the bath and in 5 seconds it will give you an accurate reading in degrees centigrade.

Rechecks the temperature every 5 seconds.

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