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NeverNaked Drying Drapron in White


Suitable for both men and women

Gives wearer the feeling of being dressed whilst being dried

Long enough to cover knees

Single, easy magnetic fastening

Can be put on over the NeverNaked Shower Drapron® without exposing the wearer

Provides dignity for the wearer

Reduces anxiety for wearer

Reduces stress for carer

Machine Washable

100% Cotton

Made in England

Note – this garment contains a small magnet – consult doctor first if wearer or carer has a pacemaker.


Luxurious 450gsm towelling

Approx. 90cm x 150cm

NeverNaked Drying Drapron in White

Product Code: MK2204

Helping those living with dementia to shower or bathe can cause great stress for both dependants and carers for many reasons, one of which can be the fact that the person with dementia doesn’t like being naked in front of someone.

The NeverNaked Showering range came about after 2 sisters found their own mother would be agitated when she was being helped to shower. These simple garments (the Shower Drapron® being designed to leave on whilst showering) helped give her a sense of privacy and maintain dignity, and showering time became a much calmer process where all involved were a lot more comfortable.

The NeverNaked Drying Drapron® is a very simple garment (no sleeves or anything) which helps the wearer maintain a sense of privacy and dignity whilst they are undressed and being dried. It provides a dignified yet quick and easy way to dry the person in your care after showering. After showering or bathing you simply slip the large, luxurious towelling Drying Drapron® over their shoulders and fasten it with the easy magnetic fastening, then, if using one, open the fastener of the Shower Drapron® and slip it out from underneath with no need to expose their body. It comes down to the knees at the front and to about waist length at the back for easy, seated drying.

Try it in conjunction with the NeverNaked Shower Drapron® for enhanced privacy.

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