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Keep in touch with your loved ones and be sure they're safe

When looking after an older relative or friend, the Carehub complete home monitoring system can keep the whole family and/or designated carers in touch and alert them to problems. No contract required.


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Staying in touch couldn't be easier for an older person. They only have to press a button and an audio or video call goes straight to your app.


Receive alerts about issues that could affect the safety of the person you're caring for.

Temperature alert

Older people can be vulnerable to extremes of temperature, so an alert can notify you when the home temperature reaches a certain point.

Activity alert

An alert can be issued when movement, or no movement, is detected in a certain time frame.


Record reminders in an audio message from your smartphone and set when they should activate on the Carehub.

Stay in touch

Record videos, take snapshots and share your conversations or exchange messages in a private chat area.

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