Bathroom & Toilet

Bathroom & Toilet

Comfort, safety and personal dignity are key considerations for the care home bathroom and toilet which the right product aids can help to provide.

The ability to take a bath or shower in comfort is essential to stay clean and should also be a pleasurable experience. A shower chair allows a resident to sit comfortably when they shower while bath mats and coloured grab rails reduce the risk of a slip or fall.

Going to the toilet is also a potential source of anxiety, but a wide range of support products now make the toilet more comfortable to use and help with continence management. Height adjustable toilet frames and raised toilet seats fit to an existing toilet for extra comfort and support when sitting or standing.

For people confined to bed without access to a toilet, a bed pan is often the only solution. Modern, lightweight, plastic models are easy to use and clean and come with a handle and lid to reduce smells and spills.